At SPR, everyone is expected to lead from the front. As a young company with an entrepreneurial spirit, we give all employees autonomy and responsibility from the beginning. We collaborate to solve problems and make swift decisions. SPR fosters an environment where everyone has a stake in what they do, and can take pride in their accomplishments.
Professional Development
SPR relies upon the collective energy of our team to constantly improve our processes, facilities and work culture. We set specific professional goals for each individual, and support them with appropriate training and mentorship. We like people who take responsibility for their work, and we give them the tools to succeed.
At SPR, we take pride in bringing development to rural Sabah. But beyond the physical structures, we aim to make a lasting impression with the local community. We have hired over 85% of our team within Sabah, ensuring that training and experience are invested where it makes a difference. We are always open to engaging with local schools and community groups to increase interest in science and engineering.